3D LCD MONITOR : G460R [Discontinue]

3d projection

3D Stereoscopic Lcd Monitor

Key Features
MIRACUBE MFX3D Engine supports Frame Sequential, Side by Side, Top & Bottom and Interlaced formats. The MIRACUBE MFX Engine is built in to provide a powerful & active 3D display. No requirement for extra hardware or software.

World's largest 3-D solution line-ups :
Miracube has a complete 3D solution for a variety of industries. Miracube has 3D monitors, 3D filming equipment and 3D projection systems.
Switchable between 2d and 3d :
All of our monitors can be switched between 2D and 3D simply by pushing a button.A second 2D monitor becomes obsolete. Just use the 3D mode for your stereoscopic 3D content, and switch back to 2D for all your normal 2D applications.

High resolution and wide viewing angles :
Our monitors offer high resolution images - also in 3D! And a unique filter technology allows for extra wide viewing angles for multiple viewers and comfortable viewing. Passive glasses let you enjoy also long viewing periods and eye-fatigue a thing of the past.

Eco-technology AL case:
The Recyclable aluminum case is environment-friendly

A certified system for a global market :
Our monitors have CE, FCC and MIC certifications. Every 3D monitor of ours complies with ROHS regulations.

Range of applications for our 3D display solutions
Design Visualization : Architecture ,Machinery ,Building ,Product Design
GIS Data Visualization : GIS ,Environment ,Landscape ,Urban Design
Medical/BIO Visualization : Biology ,Medical Science ,Life Science ,Chemistry
Product Presentation : Automobile ,Heavy Industries ,Aviation/Ship ,PR/Exhibition
  • Specifications
Model Name
Screen Size
Polarization Type
Passive Circular(Glasses)
Panel Type
Stereo Format
Sidefield, Frame Sequential, Top and Bottom
Viewing Distance
2D:178°, 3D:19°(Center, VD:3m)
250cd/m2 (Center of Screen)
2D:1920 * 1080, 3D:1920 * 540
Display Color
16.7 million
Contrast Rate
1800 : 1
Responding Speed
6ms(G to G)
Stereo Display Function

2D/3D Switchable
Left/Right Reversion
Adjustable Separation
Input Image Format Selection
Aspect ratio(1:1, 4:3, 16:9)
Audio (Stereo, Optical)
3D territory window(Part 3D)
HDMI ×2, DVI, HD-Component, SDI(HD, SD), Audio(Stereo,RCA)
Output Terminal
SDI (Loop), Audio (Stereo, Optical)
Input Signal

Audio IN (2CH Analog, Digital with HDMI)
SDI IN/OUT(SD/HD), Audio OUT (2CH Analog, Optical)
Video signal (VESA, EIA-861B, SMPTE, NTSC, PAL)
With Stand : 1100X710X250mm /Without Stand : 1100X660X100mm
20.5 kg
Remote control 13key,3D Glasses, Manual, Power Cable
1 Year
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