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Miracube: The total solution from production and post production to professional 3D Monitors.

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pavonine korea

Pavonine Korea Inc., based in Korea, was founded in 1989 as a company specializing in material surface treatment.t We have a proud history of technical innovation and manufacturing excellency, winning numerous business awards in Korea.

Recognizing the enormous potential and importance of stereoscopic 3-D technology for the future of the display industry, we have invested continuously since 2002 in 3-D media technology and established our Stereoscopic 3-D LCD Displays as one of the leading solutions in this field.

By combining our manufacturing know-how and excellence with a strong dedication to continued technical innovation, we are aiming to become þe leading company in the stereoscopic 3-D Disp lay sector.

Currently Pavonine Korea has 11 patents registered or pending and the opening of our new R&D Center in 2006 is an important next step in achieving this goal. Our dream is to make stereoscopic 3-D of the highest quality available and affordable for everyone.



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