Wire grid stereoscopic

Wire grid stereoscopic TFT-LCD Display

Solution to the following two current problems of glasses based stereoscopic displays:

Limitations regarding viewing distance and angles
Laminating process (attachment of a 3D panel onto a 2D panel)

Main characteristics:

· 2D/3D switchable Display
· Glasses-type
· No restrictions for distance and viewing angle
· No loss of brightness
· Only one TFT-panel instead 2D panel + 3D element
· No laminating process
· Drastic reduction of price
· Thickness of stereoscopic panel can be reduced to 1.45 mm

■ Advantages of a wire grid stereoscopic TFT-LCD
■ No limitation on viewing angle & viewing distance
■ 2D/3D switchable possible with only one TFT panel instead of two elements

Wire grid stereoscopic